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Genei wo Kakeru Taiyō - Il Sole Penetra le Illusio
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Guilty List

Everyone who've been proofed for doing vandalism, spamming, profanity, and other offensive action towards the wikia, will be listed down here.

Anyone who being banned, either from wikia, chat, forum or all, will also being listed here.

The codes for listing banned account(s) are provided below for any admins to post down here:

{{Guilty List
|Username = [[Special:Contributions/<username>|<username>]]
|Reason   = <detailed reason>
|Scope    = (Wikia Content/Chat Feature/Forum Page/All)
|Duration = <ban length>
|Expiry   = <ban expires date>
|Level    = <banning level, based on sub-status of "Guilty" Status>
|Additional Information =
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