Ariel Valtiel Westcott
Ed 00013
Kanji アリエル・ヴァルティエル・ウェストコット
Romaji Arieru Varutieru Wesutokotto
Personal Information
Gender Female
Tarot Card Judgement
First Appearance
Anime Debut Dark Spot of the Sun
Voice Actress/Actor
Seiyuu Inoue Kikuko
Ariel Valtiel Westcott (アリエル・ヴァルティエル・ウェストコット?) is the wielder of Judgement. She is the deputy head of the Sefiro Fiero's Nagataki Branch.


She wore a maid like dress with ribbons on the right and left side of her head. She has pink hair and black skin. She also wore a hat and she has the sme hairstyle as Etia Visconti.


She is quiet but she is very strict.




Character Art DesignsEdit


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